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Novotel Bangna Bangkok
From: 3410.00 THB / Standard Single
Location: Bangkok

Dynasty Hotel
From: 880.00 THB / Superior Single
Location: Bangkok

Grand China Princess
From: 1980.00 THB / Superior Single
Location: Bangkok
Legendary River Cruise - Mekhala Cruise
Legendary River Cruise - Mekhala Cruise
Ayuthaya / Cruise
Phuket Magical Phang Nga Bay Cruise
Phuket Magical Phang Nga Bay Cruise
Phuket / Cruise
Siem Reap - Raffles Grand D\'Angkor Special
Siem Reap - Raffles Grand D'Angkor Special
Siem Reap / Culture

Tourism Authority of Thailand
License Number: 11/2802

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The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, mostly referred to as Hong Kong, is one of the two Special Administrative Regions of the People's Republic of China, the other being Macau. It usually participates in international events under the name, "Hong Kong, China".

Hong Kong consists of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories. The Kowloon Peninsula is attached to the New Territories in the north, and the New Territories are in turn connected to the mainland of China across the Sham Chun River (Shenzhen River). In total, Hong Kong has 236 islands in the South China Sea, of which Lantau is the largest and Hong Kong Island the second largest and most populated. The island of Ap Lei Chau is the most densely populated space in the world.

Hong Kong was a British crown colony until 1st July 1997, when it was returned to Chinese rule. Under the policy of the 'One Country, Two Systems', Hong Kong enjoys a considerable degree of autonomy from the Mainland, as well as continuing to have its own legal system, currency, customs, immigration authorities, and its own rule of the road, with traffic continuing to drive on the left, for example. Only national defence and diplomatic relations are responsibilities of the central government in Beijing.

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